Try to get a good night’s sleep and don’t be hung over, make sure your skin is relatively clear and try to be relaxed as possible. Your hair should be nice and clean and eyebrows neat. Don’t be tempted to use rejuvenating eye drops, they usually create a glaze which doesn’t transfer well to the camera (I can bring out eye colour in post production if needed or requested).

What to bring for headshots...

A range of different tops with different necklines - V necks and medium circular necklines tend to work well in simple colours such as black, white and blues. Bring as many as you like, there will be time to shoot a variety. Arrive with minimal makeup on - if you feel you need it - foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara. There will be decent sized mirror available if you wish to do this once you have arrived. Basically, come how you would appear for an audition, or would like to be perceived when the shots hit all those directors’ desks!

Again, it’s a good idea to bring a few different colour and styled shirts (black, white and blue works well, long and short sleeved in both T-shirt and formal collard styles). You may also want to bring a jumper or jacket to add the layered look. Try and stay away from crazy patterns but the linen or Tudor style thespian shirts can be a nice look.